Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Tie Dye Punk Rock T-shirts

Tie-Dye is bang on trend this season, and we took inspiration for our own fashion DIY from: 

Isabelle Marant


Proenza Schouler

Lela Rose

DIY Tie-Dye is awesome because the look is different every-time and is totally up to you. It is also super easy and cheap, and is a great way to recycle old clothes gathering dust in the back of your wardrobe. By re-using your old clothes and making them beautiful again, you are also aiding sustainability within the fashion industry, one tie-dye garment at a time! And everyone knows sustainable fashion rocks!

With this in mind, we took some old band t-shirts and customised them using tie-dye and bleaching techniques!

To create a random 'stonewashed' effect with tie-dye, start bunching up areas and tying them with string or rubber bands. The areas left exposed will be dyed, everything else hidden will be whatever colour your garment is (in this case, white).

Bunch up the entire t-shirt and tie string around the whole thing to secure and make it easier to apply dye. 

Wet t-shirt and using a paint brush, apply dye to whatever areas you wish. We used Dylon fabric dye in 'Intense Violet', 'Goldfish Orange' and 'Powder Pink'. So we didn't waste the dye, we only mixed small amounts in ramekin pots and used them just like watercolours. 

Leave the t-shirt for about an hour to absorb the dyes and then cut-off the strings (be careful not to cut holes in the t-shirt!!!) and then rinse in cold water until the water runs clear. Then rinse in warm, again until the water is clear. 

Then enjoy! Be careful the first few times you wash your new t-shirt...either wash separately or by hand.


Then we tried a couple using bleach

To create the striping/pleated effect in the bleach, we pleated the t-shirt then tied with string. The areas we tied with string resist the bleach or dye.

Repeat as high as you want the bleach effect to go.

Tools of the trade.

Bleaching in progress.

We used an old spoon WHICH WE WILL NOT BE USING TO COOK WITH AGAIN! But you can use any old object such as a barbie, stones, or your creepy neighbour's hand while he sleeps. HAHA joking!! But seriously....

The bleach in action.

We left this one stewing for about 40 minutes, but you can leave it in longer/shorter depending on your desired effect.

The finished product!! We splashed some bleach further up the garment as well as dipping it.

The back

Close ups

We hope you have enjoyed this post and that it has inspired you to get creative with your old clothes!!!
Stay tuned for more DIYs! 

Love Lily and Silke. xxx

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